Koch Technology Solutions (KTS) licenses exclusive technologies in the polyester value chain, within the refining space, and for 1,4-Butanediol and its derivatives.

With KTS, you get plant process design and project execution skills matched with expert functional engineering and production know-how for unparalleled expertise in technology licensing.

  • PTA Production
  • Polymer Production
  • Fibre Production
  • PTA/TA Plant Chemical Recovery
  • DTL™ Dry-Gas-to-Liquids Technology 
  • ExoS™ Sulfur Extraction Technology 
  • IsoA™ Isomerizing/Aromatizing Technology
  • BDO Production
  • THF Production
  • PTMEG Production

Deep Roots and a Bright Future

From a history that began with DuPont IPT technology to experience gained as INVISTA Performance Technologies, today’s Koch Technology Solutions is ideally positioned to add value to your operations. As a Koch Engineered Solutions Company, KTS is part of a network of industry-leading companies developing, integrating, and applying innovative technical and service solutions for industrial value chains.

KTS Wilton, UK Labs Capability

Let’s Work Together

Working together, we can leverage our exclusive technologies, expertise, and capabilities to help you reduce capital investment, lower operational costs, and boost productivity.

Let’s get started.