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A Koch Enginnered Solutions Company

Experts in Technology Licensing

Who Are We?

We are Koch Technology Solutions (KTS), a leader in technology licensing. With decades of experience and hundreds of operating facilities around the world, our ability to innovate, develop and transfer technology has created long-standing, trusted relationships with our licensing clients around the world.


What Do We Do?

We create preferred partnerships. By leveraging the expertise of our engineers, project managers and operations experts we can maximize the return on capital investments for manufacturing owners. By partnering with companies in the early stages of chemical process development our team can scale solutions to commercial deployment and deliver the technology to create the next generation of process technologies.

How Can We Help?

We deliver industry leading operating efficiency and capital productivity for those deploying the technologies in our portfolio. Through remote data connections and support we can partner with operating teams to optimize assets for years after startup. With KTS expertise and the resources available across Koch Industries we invest in companies to create advantaged technologies and expand our portfolio.

Portfolio of Technologies

PTA & Polyester

KTS adds value to customers’ operations by licensing a full range of technologies, starting with Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA), the preferred raw material for polyester production. Air oxidation of Paraxylene produces PTA.


KTS collaborates with industry leaders to license innovative technologies for refinery optimization & natural gas liquids processing. We leverage the expertise of Koch Engineered Solutions


KTS 1,4-Butanediol (BDO) and its derivatives (THF/PTMEG) technologies were originally developed to provide a low-cost, highly efficient route to spandex intermediates.

Advanced PET Recycling

Collaborating with Ioniqa Technologies to offer an innovative process that turns low-grade post-consumer Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) products into feedstock for high quality food-grade applications. 

Li-Pro™ Direct Lithium Extraction Technology

KTS offers integrated engineering and equipment design to produce a concentrated lithium chloride ready for final conversion into a lithium carbonate or hydroxide. The find out more button should link to the Li-Pro Page

Deep Roots and a Bright Future

From a history that began with DuPont Technology Transfer Group (TTG) to experience gained as INVISTA Performance Technologies, today’s Koch Technology Solutions is ideally positioned to add value to your operations. As a Koch Engineered Solutions Company, KTS is part of a network of industry-leading companies developing, integrating, and applying innovative technical and service solutions for industrial value chains.

Scale with Confidence - KTS Track Record

years of continuous licensing
plants licensed with PTA
units licensed with BDO/PTMEG
polyester plants licensed

Global Customers

Wilton, UK

Patalganga, India

Kuan Yin, Taiwan

Xinjiang, PRC

Liaoning, PRC

Hazira, India

Anyer, Indonesia

Karachi, Pakistan

Jiangsu, PRC

Zhejiang, PRC

Panipat, India

Shanghai, PRC

Rayong, Thailand

Fujian, PRC

Sines, Portugal

Suape, Brazil

Dahej, India

Sichuan, PRC

Guandong, PRC

Adana, Turkey

Tashkent, Uzbekistan

La Porte, USA

Ulsan, Korea

Ningxia, China

Chongqing, China

Shaanxi, China

Inner Mongolia, China

IM, China


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