Red Sea National Petrochemical Company Selects KTS PTA P8++ for crude-to-chemical project in Egypt’s Suez Canal Corridor industrial zone.

Wilton, United Kingdom (Nov. 11, 2022) Koch Technology Solutions (KTS) UK Limited, technology licensing
group of Koch Engineered Solutions, and Red Sea National Petrochemicals Company (Red Sea), have reached
an agreement for the license of KTS’s P8++ PTA process technology for Red Sea’s crude-to-chemical project in
Egypt’s Suez Canal Corridor industrial zone.

This will be the first PTA plant licensed by KTS in Egypt. Built on the demonstrated performance of KTS’s P8
technology platform, with its superior variable cost and capital productivity, the environmental performance of
this PTA plant is expected to set new benchmarks within the industry.

Adam Sackett, President, KTS, said, “I am delighted that KTS technology has been selected by Red Sea to meet
the demands of the Egyptian polyester market. I look forward to a successful partnership throughout this project
and beyond as KTS expands our technology portfolio and the extensive development plans for the region are

Red Sea National Petrochemical Company said – “The Red Sea project is an important step for both our company
and for the country of Egypt. This project also delivers on Red Sea’s strategic objectives of achieving the
reputation as the most reliable producer of petrochemical products in our region, and furthermore creating a
significant petrochemical production capacity to satisfy our customer’s growing demand in both local and
international markets. Moreover, we are pleased to work alongside experienced technology providers including
KTS, and we anticipate the successful completion of these key projects and the rapid introduction of Red Sea’s
high-performance products to our loyal customers around the world.”

KTS’s industry-leading PTA technology, including its latest version of P8++ technology, is available as a license
package from KTS. For more information, please visit the KTS website at www.kochtechsolutions.com

About Koch Technology Solutions:
Koch Technology Solutions (KTS) is a technology licensing business, a part of Koch Engineered Solutions (KES).
KTS creates value for their customers across a growing portfolio of technologies including the polyester value
chain, the refining industry and 1,4-Butanediol plus its derivatives. KTS can combine their exclusive technologies,
expertise, and capabilities with those of other KES companies can provide solutions that maximize the economics
of your new investments and optimize your existing assets.

About Red Sea:
Red Sea National Petrochemicals Company (Red Sea Co.) is an entity that is under the supervision of Egyptian
Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources. Red Sea Project is one of the largest industrial complexes in the
Middle East and the biggest in Africa. Red Sea is Egypt’s first step towards being a regional hub for
petrochemicals manufacturing and trading, through offering a broad portfolio of products to the local and
international market.