As a Koch Engineered Solutions company, KTS is driven to provide unrivalled value to our customers. Part of how we do that is by providing scalable customer service programs designed to meet your specific needs with local teams to provide immediate and timely support. We focus on helping you to operate at the lowest cost, overcome day-to-day operational challenges to improve reliability and uptime, and to achieve superior product quality and overall operational excellence.

  • Customer service visits by our experts to discuss specific topics and potential process enhancement.
  • Access to our “Help Desk” for resolution of day-to-day operational issues related to process and mechanical issues.
  • Inspection and advice during overhauls.
  • Specialist engineering services, including on-site support.
  • Refresher training on process technology, operations and safety.
  • Analytical and investigative services, including root cause analysis.
  • Additional customised services and process technology packages.

Let’s Work Together

Working together, we can leverage our exclusive technologies, expertise, and capabilities to help you reduce capital investment, lower operational costs, and boost productivity.

Let’s get started.